Oil and Gas Attorney Mississippi

Looking for an oil & gas attorney in Mississippi? That is understandable because Mississippi is one of the leading oil and gas producing states in the United States. Minerals are often severed from the surface titles to real property. It is a very unique and complicated area of the law, and one should consult with an attorney with years of experience if one is considering reserving minerals, excepting minerals, executing an oil and gas lease, and selling minerals or royalty. Oil and gas companies retain attorneys to check the titles and prepare drill site opinions and division order/ pay decks to determine who to pay if there is production. Extensive title experience is essential when determining the risk in releasing production proceeds. The attorney must be familiar with the mineral case law, as well as Mississippi laws of descent and distribution and wills and estates and the rules and regulations of the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board. Be sure to assess prior experience when selecting an oil and gas attorney for Mississippi.