5 Signs of a Great Law Firm in Mississippi

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Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Incorporation Lawyers

  Do you own a small business and aren’t sure if you should incorporate? The decision can be tough to make, especially if you enjoy being one and the same with your company. However, changing from a small entity to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation with the help of... Read More

What’s New: No Death Tax? You Still Need Estate Planning!

The tax reform plan released by the White House and the congressional Republicans includes many parts. One of them is taking away the federal estate tax or death tax. This is not the first time estate taxes have been discussed, as many lawmakers feel that they are a double form... Read More

Foreclosing on a Commercial Property

Like homeowners, business owners can fall behind on their mortgage payments. If this happens, your lender will typically start the foreclosure process to sell the property and receive some type of repayment on the loan. The main difference between a residential foreclosure and a commercial foreclosure is the possible... Read More

Benefits of Hiring a Small Law Firm in Mississippi

If you need to hire an attorney, one of the first questions to ask is whether you feel more comfortable working with a large firm or a small one. There are benefits to both. Large law firms can take on big and complex cases whereas small firms give you more... Read More

3 Misconceptions About Estates and Probate

The average person doesn’t know a lot about wills and probate, mostly because it’s an uncomfortable and difficult topic to discuss. However, it’s important to know the basics because many people are left with estates. Recognizing the truths and misconceptions can help you make informed decisions alongside your probate lawyer... Read More

Understanding the Mississippi Probate Process

The Mississippi probate process generally follows three steps: opening, administering, and closing the estate. Let’s take a closer look at what happens during these phases and how you can work effectively alongside your probate lawyer in Mississippi for the best results. Phase 1: Opening The probate process in MS starts... Read More

Litigation vs Arbitration vs Mediation: What’s the Difference?

The law is available for you to use, but it’s no secret that legal battles are costly and time consuming. To avoid a financially and emotionally exhausting legal battle, more and more individuals, businesses, and government entities choose not to go to trial. In this case, they use arbitration or... Read More

4 Things to Expect from an Attorney in Ridgeland MS

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Choosing a Real Estate Attorney in Mississippi for Your Next Purchase

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3 Important Questions To Ask An Estate Planning Attorney

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What is Required to Incorporate a Small Business?

The process of a business becoming a corporation is called incorporation. Prior to this, an organization is viewed as a single entity. Once the business is incorporated, it’s treated differently in terms of tax consequences and liability factors.

It’s important to contact incorporation lawyers for legal advice

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What Legal Mediation Services Can Do For You?

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Understanding The Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer In Mississippi

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What A Probate Lawyer In Mississippi Can Do For You

If you are named  the executor in a will and that individual has passed away, you’re probably wondering what you should do next.  Mississippi law requires if a will is found, it must be probated Most conventional advice will tell you to hire a lawyer right away. While you may... Read More

Tips For Naming Guardians For Your Children

When you become a parent, everything changes. New parents are often exhausted and overwhelmed because of the new person in their life that they have to care for. While diaper changes, feedings and bath time get plenty of attention, there is something that many new parents forget about doing with... Read More