Tips For Naming Guardians For Your Children

When you become a parent, everything changes. New parents are often exhausted and overwhelmed because of the new person in their life that they have to care for. While diaper changes, feedings and bath time get plenty of attention, there is something that many new parents forget about doing with a law firm in Mississippi: naming a guardian for their child.

A Difficult Conversation for New Parents

Often times, it’s not that parents actually forget about choosing a legal guardian for their child, but rather that it’s a difficult conversation to have.

In the midst of such bliss (and exhaustion!), do parents really need to talk about who would raise their child if something happened to them? Another factor that delays this process is that parents don’t know who to choose. That’s an understandable concern, as they may have someone in mind, but do not want to hear another person’s feelings.

However, if you don’t follow through with this important step, you are leaving the decision up to strangers. Even if you have loved ones that would care for your children, how will they know what your wishes are?

In this post, I would like to go over some tips to help you name a legal guardian for your child. Once this process is completed with an expert law firm in Mississippi, you will feel much better.

How many children do you have under the age of majority?

In the state of MS, the age of majority is 21. Make sure all of your children are named and accounted for. Just because one is named a guardian doesn’t mean a judge will grant the same to all.

Do you want all of your children to stay together?

In most cases, parents want their children to live together. But it’s also possible that you would be fine with them being separated, particularly if they are half-siblings or require special needs. Be clear about your wishes.

Can the guardian handle all of your children?

If you want your children to stay together, how will the guardian handle this? Do they have the financial and emotional means to provide for all of your children, plus their own potentially?

What is the age of the guardian?

Many families choose their parents as guardians, which is fine. But consider their age and health. As the years go on, will Mom or Dad really be able to take care of your children? If they will be near the age of majority, it will probably be OK. But if you have very young children, this is something to think about.

What changes would have to be made?

If something were to happen to you, how much change would you want your children to go through? Some things to consider are where the guardian lives, what school district they are a part of and which religious and personal values they follow. How do they tie in with your child’s life now?

Have you talked to the chosen guardian?

The last step before working with a law firm in Mississippi is to speak with the chosen guardian and make sure they are on board with their very important role. Not only should they agree to it, but also they need to know what your wishes are in terms of how you want your child raised.


Naming a guardian is never an easy decision, but it is part of being a parent. Be sensitive to your partner’s needs as well, as they may have their own guardians they want considered or certain personal/religious values they would like followed. Once the process is complete, you and your child will have the peace of mind that everyone is in good hands!

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