6 Qualities to Look for in a Law Firm

Many people require the help of a law firm in Mississippi at some point in their lives. While each person’s individual circumstances vary, one aspect that is shared is the desire to choose a competent, experienced and dependable lawyer. Not only will a trustworthy attorney move the case along through the court system, but also they will ensure a better outcome.

As you consider legal help to assist with your personal or business case, here are six qualities to look for in a law firm.

1. Experience

It’s not a requirement that you find an expert in your field, but it does make practical sense to hire someone who specializes in the general area. For instance, if you need an attorney for your business, you would want to choose an expert who practices in the small business area as opposed to criminal law.

2. Strong Communication

Communication is key, and it comes in two forms when working with a law firm. First, your legal professional should take the time to explain what they are talking about rather than using legalese and other terms that you don’t understand. Second, your lawyer should maintain exceptional communication throughout the process, keeping you up to date on your case.

3. Flexible Schedule

Is the lawyer willing to schedule conferences at times that accommodate your schedule? Do they have flexible hours and several different ways that you can get in touch with them? Choose an attorney that puts your convenience first and foremost. With today’s online tools and communication methods, it’s easier than ever to have flexible appointments.

4. Good Rapports

What types of rapport does the firm have with other professionals in the legal field, such as judges and other practicing attorneys? Above all, how do you get along with the person? Ultimately, you want someone who is personable and easy to work with.

5. Reasonable Rates

Generally speaking, lawyers aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should go into debt to get quality legal representation. Rates are determined by many factors, including the location, size and reputation of the firm, as well as the experience of the professionals. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get the best quotes.

6. References

Something else you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for is references. Inquire about past businesses or clients the person has worked with and the outcomes they achieved. You can also find a great deal of information by doing a little research online. Many of today’s legal professionals have online profiles where clients can rate them and provide feedback.

The office of Susan G. Pinkston is a law firm in Mississippi that works with a wide variety of cases and situations, including real estate closings, wills and estates, mediation and arbitration services, title insurance and more. Call today to discuss the details of your particular situation.

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